Executive Board

Internal Structure of OLMUN

The Oldenburg Model United Nations e.V. is the legal entity behind OLMUN. It is a non-profit association and responsible for the election of the Secretariat. Below you can find the Executive Board or "Vereinsvorstand".

The Secretariat is the organising body of OLMUN and consists of five members. It is elected by the association's annual assembly and responsible for organising the next OLMUN conference. While also being part of the Secretariat, the Secretary General and Treasurer are also the legal representatives of the OLMUN e.V. and personally responsible.

TLDR; legal representatives of the association behind OLMUN: SecGen & Treasurer - actual heads of the conference: Secretariat

1st Chairman & Secretary General
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Philipp Bruhns

Etzhorner Weg 87
26125 Oldenburg

Dep. Chairman & Treasurer
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Mika Jelko Niederheide

Willi-Trinne-Str. 7a
26127 Oldenburg

OLMUN Bank Account:

Oldenburg Model United Nations e.V.
IBAN: DE38 2805 0100 0000 2166 48
Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg

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