Chairs and Presidents

Chairs of the General Assembly 1st (GA 1st)

Keno Hillmer

Tilman Holube

Isabella von Jan

Chairs of the World Health Assembly (WHA)

    Greta Wulf

Thomas Kappelhoff

Alexandra Wolff

Presidents of the Special Conference (SpC)

Lukas Winkler

Paul Pagnia

Presidents of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Tom Reckmann

Til Dieker

Presidents of the Human Rights Council (HRC)

Sophie Linsel

Amin Al Magrebi

Presidents of the United Nations Environment Programme GC (UNEP)

Judith Kramer

Tristan Leoluca Farinella

Presidents of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Michael Galuska

Caroline Cronjäger

Presidents of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) 

Christopher Lieberum

Alex Siekmann

Presidents of the Historical Security Council (HSC)

Nika Andouz

Bart van Donselaar

Presidents of the Security Council (SC)

Justus Neuendorff

David Sperling

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