Deputy Secretary General

Hendrik Ebel

Age: 19

School: Cäcilienschule Oldenburg

Hobbies: firefighter, ballroom dancing, swimming, meeting friends and of course OLMUN


At my first OLMUN in the year 2017 as technical staff I had the chance to get my first impressions of this interesting event and wanted to be part of it even more.
So I joined the Inner Circle for the OLMUN 2018 and got part of this wonderful team. I got a new sense of how expansive the organisation is and helped in that year also as technical staff in a GA. I already got into contact with the secretariat and the student officers and gained experience working in that area.

For the OLMUN 2019 I decided to take over more responsibility and to apply as an Executive Administrative Officer. I became an ExAdO and I was glad to be able to further the OLMUN cause even more. My team and I got good results and worked independently in order to support the secretariat.

For the OLMUN’s 20th anniversary this year, I feel very honoured to be the Deputy Secretary General and to work with the other members of the OLMUN’s secretariat towards a great conference.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing you in Oldenburg in June 2021!

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