Deputy President of the General Assembly

Rasmus Conrad

Age: 18

School: Herbartgymnasium Oldenburg

Hobbies: badminton, clarinet, tenor-saxophone, meeting friends, OLMUN


The start of my MUN career was my participation in HerbartMUN 2015 as delegate, whereafter I joined the OLMUN Inner Circle in 2015 and helped organizing OLMUN 2016. I really enjoyed my first OLMUN experience as delegate of the United States of America in the UNEP in 2016.

After participating in several other MUNs as delegate, I wanted to take more responsibility and contribute more to OLMUN, which is why I chaired the African Union in 2017 and the Arab League in 2018.

Since I had so much fun chairing, I was delighted to become this year’s Deputy President of the General Assembly and I’m really looking forward to a great conference!

See you in June!

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