Deputy President of the General Assembly

Alexandra Kovalcikova

Age: 18

School: Attending Grade 12 at the Herbartgymnasium (expected to graduate in 2017)

Hobbies: Ballet, Pilates, Politics and Series (even better when they are combined)

MUN-experience: I first came into contact with MUNs during my year abroad in Vancouver, Canada. There I participated as a delegate in the Social and Humanitarian Committee at VMUN 2015. Thenceforth I have been a great supporter of the concept of Model United Nations, as they provide the grounds for high-level political debates of young people. I was struck by the enthusiasm and level of professionalism that was present during the conference and had great respect for the chairs, who managed to lead us efficiently through the debate. The year after that I found myself in the exact position as a chair of the Special conference and with the support of my wonderful co-chairs it was a great personal success and experience for me. So when I was offered the post as Deputy President of the General Assembly, at first I was quite uncertain if I would be able to fulfill the high expectations. Notwithstanding, I accepted because I was incredibly humbled by the confidence people put into me and felt the urge to do my part at making OLMUN 2017 the best conference ever!

I am confident that there will be as many stimulating debates as there have been in the last few years in conjunction with terrific evening activities that make us all take a quick break from the striking discussions. OLMUN is a place of its own where you can discuss crucial political matters, find friends from all over the world and enrich your personal capabilities to the fullest.

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