The Secretariat is elected by the OLMUN association’s main assembly, which normally meets right after the school year begins.

Members of the Secretariat are usually recruited from the ranks of former Chairs, Presidents and Student Officers. Their task is to ensure that the organization team works smoothly. While the Secretary-General and his Deputy take care of the contact of various sponsors and supporters of OLMUN as well as general matters and logistics, the President of the General Assembly and his Deputy are responsible for the selection of agenda items, the recruitment and the training of Chairs and Presidents.

The Secretariat of the Oldenburg Model United Nations Conference 2023 consists of five highly experienced MUN participants:

Secretary General - Philipp Bruhns

Deputy Secretary General - Emily Roshop

President of the General Assembly - Lenja Hinrichs

Deputy President of the General Assembly - Lada Blech

Treasurer - Mika Jelko Niederheide

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