Special Conference

Each primary organ of the United Nations (the General Assembly, the UN Secretariat, the
International Court of Justice, the Security Council and the Economic and Social Council) can establish special agencies that are entrusted with a specific topic as laid down in the UN Charta. 

In the OLMUN context, one of these agencies will be simulated in the Special Conference.
What makes this conference so special is that it is not bound to a certain field of action. Every year a different agency is chosen that deals with a recent problem of high urgency. Therefore, it provides the possibility of debating a wide variety of issues of international importance with an ever-changing selection of UN member states depending on who is affected by the chosen topic.

This year, the Special Conference will discuss how to ensure the freedom and independence of press and digital media. Especially looking at the upcoming industry 4.0, the limitless memory of the world wide web and everyone being online and connected at all times, it is necessary to redefine the meaning of freedom and independence as well as their opposites. We have to make sure that everyone everywhere and at anytime is aware of his or her rights and able to make use of them or at least demand their implementation. New criteria, policies and concepts are needed to measure freedom and independence and to recognize and fight oppression and censorship.

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