GA 3rd

General Assembly's Third Committee

The GA 3rd (also called the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs Committee) is one of the six main committees in the UN where all 193 UN members are represented and have the same rights. In the committee there will be also Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) present, but they will not have the right to vote during the voting procedures. The committee deals with issues concerning social, humanitarian and cultural topics. Also, it focuses on questions of human rights by collaborating with the Human Rights Council closely in cases of international importance. Moreover, the committee is addressing i.e. the advancement of women, the protection of children and refugees and also the pervention of racism of any kind. Doing that, it also handles questions of social development and other problems occuring in that correlation, so overall it covers a wide range of topics. Therefore, it is very important for the GA 3rd committee to find good solutions for the problems addressed.

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